Amandolin Kitchen

Cookies, cakes, candies, and other kitchen escapades

Cookie Pricing

Cookies are priced per cookie and based on the size of the cookie and the detail of the design.

Mini – 2″
Basic: $1.00  Detailed: $1.75  Elaborate:  $2.50

Small – 3″
Basic: $1.50  Detailed: $2.50  Elaborate: $3.50

Medium – 4″
Basic: $2.50  Detailed: $3.50  Elaborate: $4.50

Large – 5″
Basic: $3.50  Detailed: $4.50  Elaborate: $5.50

Extra Large – 6″
Basic: $4.50  Detailed: $5.50  Elaborate: $6.50


Basic: 1-2 icing colors and consistencies,  very little piping.

Detailed: 3-5 icing colors and consistencies, simple details.

Elaborate: 6+ icing colors or consistencies, several piped details.


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