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Cookie Giveaway Winner

Congrats to my cookie giveaway winner.  She requested some fall themed cookies to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  These were fun to do and I got to try out some new techniques.


The oak leaves were done using a technique called brush embroidery.  The outline is piped, and before it drys paint brush is used to brush it in towards the center of the cookie.


The maple leaves were done by swirling the red and yellow together with a toothpick.  Once dry, the veins were piped on to add more depth to the design.


The acorns used a combination of both techniques.  A toothpick was used to swirl the lines on the hats, and brush embroidery on the bottom.


Together they made for a very festive fall celebration.

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Leaves and Sunflowers

No sooner had Labor Day come and gone then Fall was upon us.  Overnight the weather changed from scorching 90 degree days (I’m in Ohio, that’s hot for here!) to chilly mornings and cool evenings.  To me, nothing says fall like sunflowers.  So I made a few.

Happy Sunflowers

Fall also means beautiful leaves.  I took a different approach, and used ivory on ivory to give these cookies a subtle and elegant feel.

Elegant Fall Leaves

I love this time of year!

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