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Leaves and Sunflowers

No sooner had Labor Day come and gone then Fall was upon us.  Overnight the weather changed from scorching 90 degree days (I’m in Ohio, that’s hot for here!) to chilly mornings and cool evenings.  To me, nothing says fall like sunflowers.  So I made a few.

Happy Sunflowers

Fall also means beautiful leaves.  I took a different approach, and used ivory on ivory to give these cookies a subtle and elegant feel.

Elegant Fall Leaves

I love this time of year!

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Pink Daisy Cookies

These cookies were made as marketing gifts for some of the local coffee shops around town.  I had a very good reception, and developed several new leads.  I would love to get my cookies a permanent spot in some of the local establishments.

Daisy cookies

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Nana’s Favorite Flowers


My Nana has always kept a windowsill full of African Violets.  They are always beautiful, and remind me of her when ever I see them.  These sweet violets in their terracotta pots were inspired by these by one of my favorite cookie bloggers, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.



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Kittens in a Basket

A coworker of my husbands has been going through a rough time.  Several health issues compounded by a particularly crappy week at work, and he thought she could use some cheering up.  Nothing says “I Care” like cookies.  She loves cats, so I thought that would be a welcome theme for these.  I hope these adorable kittens peeking out of their heart shaped flower baskets can brighten your day too.

Kitten in basket

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Picnic Tulips

Spring had sprung, and it was time for the PA Students annual picnic.  Brad wanted me to bake something for the potluck, and tulips seemed appropriate.  I used a bell shaped cookie cutter upside down, and had a lot of fun playing with marbling technique.


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It starts.

Believe it or not, this was my first foray into the world of decorating cookies. These were for the Senior Tea at my first graders elementary school. I’ve baked cookies before, and I’ve done a little cake decorating, but I had never tried my hand at royal icing and fancy cookies. I wanted to send something pretty, and these were calling to me to be made. Needless to say, I was very pleased and surprise with how well they turned out. And with that, a new passion was born.

Fancy Heart Cookies

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