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Turkey Cookies

Did you know that a group of turkeys is called a rafter?  Well now you do.  So here is a rafter of turkey cookies for some Thanksgiving friends.Turkey Cookies

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These cookies were just begging to be made!  Done freehand on a round cookie, because I couldn’t find a cookie cutter to match my vision.  One of the funnest cookies I’ve done to date, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

Puppy Cookies

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Back to School Pot Luck

Last night was our annual back to school potluck at my kids elementary school.  Of course, I had to bring cookies.  I’d been dying to try out my new monkey, lion, and elephant cookie cutters, and this was the perfect opportunity.  I brought about three dozen (I didn’t have time to make more than that) and they were gone within minutes!  Next year I’ll start a little earlier and bring more.  There were several disappointed children who really wanted a cookie and they were gone by the time they got through the line.

Animal cookies for potluck

Not only did I get a lot of compliments on how cute they were, but a surprising number of people were astonished that they were really tasty too.  Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me, but it seems people expect them to either look good, or taste good, but not both.  Since I would never serve anything that I wouldn’t eat myself, I spent a lot of time developing my recipe so that it would be yummy, soft but not crumbly, and sturdy enough to hold up to the icing decorations.  It looks like I did a good job.


I had the most trouble with my monkey cookies.  The black icing was too thick, and that made it difficult to control, and you can see all the piping on their noses.  I’m getting better with every cookie though.


These lions were so much fun!  I loved giving them their furry manes.


I am particularly happy with my elephants.  I loved doing the mendhi designs on their foreheads.  It was my first go at piping this type of design, and after a couple of learning cookies (which my children happily helped me dispose of) they turned out really well.  I have plans for a whole batch of cookies using this technique.

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Kittens in a Basket

A coworker of my husbands has been going through a rough time.  Several health issues compounded by a particularly crappy week at work, and he thought she could use some cheering up.  Nothing says “I Care” like cookies.  She loves cats, so I thought that would be a welcome theme for these.  I hope these adorable kittens peeking out of their heart shaped flower baskets can brighten your day too.

Kitten in basket

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