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Roses and Ruffles

Another chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling.  The chocolate and raspberry combo is really a winner.  All decorations are done in butter cream.

Roses and Ruffles

I’m especially pleased with these fun, girly ruffles.

Roses and Ruffles side view

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I’m baking for my husbands work again.  What can I say, I love to bake, but I really shouldn’t be eating everything that comes out of my oven.  It’s nice to have such a willing and eager crowd to cater to.  This was for the birthday of one of the nurses that my husband works with.  Dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.

Pink Roses Cake

Pink Roses Cake side view

And with just a little bit of left over batter, I made some cupcakes for the kids.  They love it when I bake, and are always so disappointed when it’s for someone else and they don’t get any.  This time they lucked out!

Rose cupcakes

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