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For my birthday, I wanted a Tardis.

on March 29, 2014

And no one was going to get one for me, so I made one myself.


I was lucky enough to have a terrific friend who is a talented photographer document the process for me.  You can check out more of her work at  I started off with a single 10 inch square chocolate cake.  Cut into quarters, and torted and filled with orange buttercream.  Since this will be a tall cake, I did two halves, which will be separated by a cake board and supported on dowels.



Then each half was coated in chocolate orange ganache.






Once they set up, I inserted dowels in the bottom layer to support the top half of the Tardis, and stacked the two cakes.  Then I touched up the seam before starting on the fondant.

IMG_7446Of course, you can’t bake a cake in my kitchen without someone wandering in to see what’s cooking.  This is my special helper.


And, since this was a cake for family consumption, I allowed a little taste testing.  Who could resist all that chocolate?


Once stacked, it was time to start on the fondant.  The cake was covered in panels, and then strips were added to make the doors and paneling on the police box.




Finishing details were painted on with black food coloring, and the signs were printed on paper to be peeled off before eating.




And there we have it!  This was exceptionally fun to make, especially because it was for my birthday.



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