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My little man is 8!!

on November 10, 2013

So the boy that made me a mother just turned 8!  I can’t believe how time flies.  For this very special birthday I had a very special cake request.  We’ve been reading Harry Potter together, and he wanted Hogwarts Castle.  We typically have small intimate family only parties, so I had to scale the design way down.  It’s a loose interpretation, but we have the castle, the Whomping Willow, the Forbidden Forest, and the Black Lake.


The trees and the Whomping Willow are made of modeling chocolate.

IMG_0638 IMG_0635

The castle itself is cake with rice cereal treats for the roofs.

IMG_0640 IMG_0636

It was a magical birthday!


One response to “My little man is 8!!

  1. Lezlie Garrett says:

    Mandy: Your work is amazing! Tim & I were having coffee with your Mom & Dad this morning and they were sharing your venture with us. Couldn’t wait to get online and check this out! Your Dad was particularly excited about this dragon you created. Wish you lived close, I would use you ALL the time (with 10 grandchildren I always need something!). Wish you the very best with your business Mandy. Have fun over Christmas. I know your parents are really excited to have you home for a visit. Love, Lezlie

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