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It’s Giveaway Time!!

on September 30, 2013

Everyone love free stuff!  And even better than free stuff, is free cake. Because you can eat it and don’t have to keep dusting around it.  So two lucky winners will get free goodies this week.

Ivory fondant chocolate roses cake

To enter the giveaway, you need to Like Amandolin Kitchen over on Facebook.

Then, come back here and leave a comment on this post that says you’ve liked my Facebook page, and something you’re celebrating in the next month (come on, dig deep people.  There is always something to celebrate.  I don’t mind if you’re reaching.  Friday is always a good reason for a party. If all else fails, use Halloween, but I’m not making you an all black cake.  That would take gobs of food coloring.)

Puppy Cookies

This time next week, I’ll use a random number generator to pick two numbers.  The comments that corresponds to the numbers generated will be the winners.  Winner #1 will receive an 8″ round cake decorated to the theme of your party/celebration.  Winner #2 will receive 2 dozen cookies, also decorated to the them of your party/celebration.

Roses and Ruffles side view

To be eligible for the giveaway, please be local to the Yellow Springs area, or able to arrange for pick up.

Good luck, friends!


UPDATE: The winners have been announced and contacted by e-mail.  Congratulations JoFrannye Reichart and Kendra Cipollini!


17 responses to “It’s Giveaway Time!!

  1. Heather Kholif says:

    SUPER Cute friend!! ❤

    • kasey vanderpool says:

      I wish I could not just “like” but “love” it!!! My birthday is in October, so I will cross my fingers and toes that I get chosen 🙂

  2. JoFrannye Reichert says:

    Your cakes and cookies are delightful! Would love to celebrate my October birthday with one or the other – fingers crossed my number is chosen!

  3. Bettina Solas Stolsenberg says:

    I liked your page on Facebook…and I am very glad to see you are in town. I have wondered, not long ago in fact, where to get decorated baked goods locally, so thanks for your post on the Open Discussion page. As far as what to celebrate in the next month, well, my birthday is coming up but not until November. My son and his dad were just in a very serious auto accident this past Saturday and while my son is recovering nicely, his dad is having a rough time. That said, I sincerely hope to be celebrating his dad’s homecoming in the next month. We have our fingers crossed…

  4. Julia Papke says:

    I liked you. 🙂

  5. Bradley says:

    Well being your husband, I feel like you’ve made a cake for everyone except me. Granted I have gotten plenty of leftover cake and cookies and it’s always awesome! I just want to feel special too. PS, It should be pumpkin pie flavored with oreo frosting and malt ball filling.

  6. Pat Skidmore says:

    Puppy cookies! So cute! I just liked your fb page……

  7. Laura says:

    Your cookies and cakes are beautiful! My husband and I will be celebrating Columbus Day this year, since we both have the day off work. Thank you.

  8. Rachel Tayse says:

    I like you and my birthday is next week!

  9. Joshua Bumgardner says:

    I still find it amazing brad lost all that weight with as good as your cakes look!

  10. Wendy says:

    OMG those cookies look yummy! I liked your fb page, and your decorating is beautiful! So… my dad’s birthday is 10-13. We could all use a celebration that day! If I don’t win, just might order. Thanks for posting on the YS page, always looking for locals to get homeade goodies from.

  11. Jen Clark says:

    I liked your facebook page 🙂 We are celebrating Kaylee turning 3!

  12. Mike says:

    Braeden is going to be 4 and is having his party at the firehouse on Nov 2nd. He would love firetruck cookies!

  13. Ahlam says:

    I liked your facebook page. 🙂 We’re going to celebrate my daughter’s birthday this month!!

  14. Kendra Cipollini says:

    Facebook page liked! Your work is beautiful. We are celebrating the changing of seasons this month!

  15. jeutopique says:

    These are art!

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